2021 Director Reel



1,000 Kids in 100 Days

AARP: The Future of Housing
Episode: Oakland


Kim Furst

Camera:  Timothy Obeck

Re-Recording Mixer: Vickie Sampson

Color: Matt Christiensen

1,000 Kids in 100 Days


Kim Furst

Featuring:  Harrison Ford, Sean Tucker, Bob Hoover, Bud Andersen

Camera:  Alicia Robbins, Patrick Kelly, Kim Furst

Score: David Cottrell

Flying the Feathered Edge

Producer/Director/Writer: Kim Furst

Featuring: Harrison Ford, Bob Hoover

Director of Photography:  Patrick Kelly, Ron Siegel

Score: David Cottrell

Recipient// Combs/Gates Award, National Aviation Hall of Fame

The Flying Architect

Producer/Director/Writer: Kim Furst

Director of Photography:  Patrick Kelly

Music: Dan-O Songs

Sound: Mitch Espe

Archival Footage: Periscope


Director: Kim Furst

Producers: Damiano Tucci, David Richter

Directors of Photography:  William Bradford, Orlando Gabriel Herrera

Performed by Alyssa Suede

IFQ "Best Music Video" 2011; Rising Star Award, CIFF; Ace Award LVFF

Harb Flies the Mustang

Exec Prod.:  Ed Shipley for ASB

Producer/Director/Camera/Editor: Kim Furst

Aerial Director: Ed Shipley, Kevin LaRosa

Aerial Director of Photography: Doug Holgate

Music: James Horner

Post Finishing: Prologue